RIPE NCC LIR Services.

Your first step towards a dream network.


AS + IPv6 /44 PA for 75 €* the first year then 25€* /year

As a member of the RIPE NCC, we can offer you various services such as sponsorship (PI / ASN), leasing of IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes and more...

LIR Services Pricing

ASN Registration

or transfert

55 First year then 15€* / year
Fast delivery
No ip included
Asn sponsor

ASN + IPv6 /44

Sponsor / transfert + PA prefix

75 First year then 25€* / year
Fast delivery
/44 IPv6 PA
Asn sponsor

IPv6 /44 PA

Just ip pool

50 / year
Fast delivery
/44 IPv6 PA
No ASN included

PI Sponsorship

Sponsor for any V4 / V6 / IXP

120 / year
Fast delivery